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Bob Shepherd MBE for many years has been invited all over the world to speak on all topics of the modern pipe band setup.  From coaching of young pipers, to judging piping and band ensemble Seminars featuring Bob are renowned for bring both interesting and innovative.

This area has been designed to share much of the material Bob has built up over the years in the hope it can help others.


Bob Shepherd MBE is providing the following PDF files freely for download.

Building up here over a period of time you will find a series of simple notes used by Bob as handouts and speaker notes throughout the many presentations and seminars he has given all over the world.

Many of the notes used here you may have seen somewhere else, this is mainly due to the fact that Bob is one of the first ports of call for many an adjudicator or speaker travelling abroad to speak at seminars.

The Successful Pipe Major - Section 1 | Section 2

Practical Bagpipe Tuning Guide - Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 | Section 4


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