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Instrument Collection

Of course we will ship your instrument direct to your door, but if you prefer you can arrange to come to our premises and collect your instrument.

This allows you to participate in the setting up and testing of your instrument before leaving the premises.

Many customers have been delighted with this service and we’re very happy to offer it and meet you, our most important people face to face.

RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd manufacture their Bagpipes, Smallpipes, Pipe Chanters, Reeds and other Piping Accessories to the highest standards, because the reputation the company has built up all over the world depends on it.

Our products are not endorsed, they are played by bands and soloists who demand perfection including House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead and Field Marshal Montgomerry, both regular contenders for the Grade 1 World Championship title and Captain Stuart Samson, Director of Army Bagpipe Music.

For more information on our complete range of products follow the links below:

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Chanter Reeds
Tone Enhancers
Piping Accessories

All our products use premium quality materials, precision technology, component quality control and are crafted by our dedicated team here at RT Shepherd and Son. Every product is tested for quality and performance before leaving our workshops.

Choosing to purchase your instrument crafted by RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd you are contributing actively to the conservation of the tree population of African Blackwood in Mozambique.

Every instrument is produced from wood gained through careful extraction and economic sawing, this adds to conserving the species, our supplying sawmill also strictly follows the regulations of the felling quota verified by the state.

In the course of a recent field enquiry, representatives of the Federal Nature Conservation Agency concluded the wood out of which we make our instruments, was harvested in a way that allows and maintains conservation of the species.


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