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As of 2005 the RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd have signed an agreement with W.L Gore to supply the Canmore® Pipe Bag for use inside the Shepherd Regulator Pipe Bag.

RT Shepherd and W.L Gore have been in partnership since 1987 when Bob Shepherd acted as consultant to the original Canmore® Pipe Bag.

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The new improved Shepherd Regulator Pipe Bag is designed to reduce moisture and maintain temperature to assist consistent tone from your reeds.

The bag consists of an inner bag that is airtight made from the world famous Gore-Tex® Fabric used to produce the Canmore® Pipe Bags. A separate outer bag made from Hide to suit the traditionalist insulates the Canmore® Pipe Bag and creates a warm cavity when not being played thus allowing the inner Canmore® Pipe Bag to breathe more effectively and helps to hold playing temperature.

The internal water trap (Moisture Control System) is designed to enable pipers assess and apply individual husbandry doe their instrument ensuring optimum usage of bagpipe in various climatic environments.

Synthetic Pipe Bags began in 1987 when Bob Shepherd consulted W.L Gore & Associates when they were producing the Canmore® Pipe Bag.  In recent years a zip has been added allowing players access to the inside of the bag now making total moisture control a reality by allowing the piper to monitor and control any build up of moisture.

All Shepherd Regulator Bags now come with a 2 year guarantee on the inner Canmore® Pipe Bag.

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