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Shepherd Highland Musette

Musette Tuning Sliders

The Shepherd Highland Musette is a product of many years hard work, striving for a solution to multiple sets of smallpipes.

2006 saw that dream became a reality with 3 sets of Scottish Smallpipes in one and the first few sets have already been sold.

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The concept for our Musette came in 2003, designed to replace the need for multiple smallpipes to achieve the various keys.  In typical Shepherd fashion perfection was demanded and the product was eventually launched in 2005 due to the team not being completely satisfied with the sliders.

In late 2005 innovation was shown again and a dedicated spring loaded slider was crafted in the workshops to solve the problem.

The drone sound is produced from a central sound box and tuning is achieved by using a series of slide controls (pictured left).  RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd showing their innovation once again.

Two years of effort and time went into the making and perfecting of the instrument.  The Shepherd Musette was now a product we were delighted.  A 3 layette shuttle with a compass A-Bb-D-D#-E with 3 individual chanters giving A-Bb-Upper D.  3 sets of Scottish Smallpipes in one.  Our first complete sets have now been sold in 2006.

Musette EngravingItís now only a matter of time before artists begin using the Shepherd Highland Musette as a stand alone solo instrument.

RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd are happy to offer purchasers of the Shepherd Highland Musette an engraving service where they can have their name etched onto their instrument if they so desire.

After several recent requests we have put together a few small video clips demonstrating sound of the Highland Musette. We will also be making some tuning videos available in product support area.

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