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Shepherd Drone Reeds

Shepherd SM90 Drone Reeds

A continuing success since their release in 1992, the all plastic drone reeds. Shepherd R12 was revamped in 1999 into other current model, the SM90.

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RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd introduced the first ever all plastic drone reed in 1992.  An overnight success of this innovation was unparalleled in the piping world. Since then there has been a constant supply of similar and variations of the concept of a drone reed manufactured from man made materials.

Our original drone which is still available and in demand was designed for easy operation and instant set-up designed to operate at a frequency of around 472Hz.

RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd continued to strive forward in producing a drone reed that was consistently stable and maintenance free and in 1999 all the research paid off as the Shepherd SM90 drone reeds were introduced operating at 476Hz.

Yet again immediate success, the new product incorporate telescopic tuning slides, bridal mechanism and a specially moulded blade with pre set memory.

Final quality testing is carried out on each and every reed before dispatch with air forced through the SM90 at just over 1lb per square inch, this is the air pressure produced by pipers when blowing their instrument.

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