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Shepherd Chanters

The Famous Shepherd Pipe Chanter

Available in African Blackwood or Synthetic.  All chanters are supplied with either a pipe or practice reed and test blown before shipment to our customers.

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The use of a quality pipe chanter probably does more than anything to improve playing endurance and thus playing enjoyment and performance.  In design, materials and manufacture Shepherd Pipe Chanters are of the highest quality available.

Over the years rival pipe chanter makers have been embroiled in constant battles to better the oppositions product.  Whilst chanters are not considered to be the cornerstone of the RT Shepherd and Sons (Scotland) Ltd business the unqualified success of the Shepherd Pipe Chanter has made it the most popular chanter in the world today, played by a huge percentage of pipe bands and gold medal soloists alike.

Over the last decade the Shepherd Pipe Chanter has stood unrivalled. In 2004 and 2005 the Grade 1 competition at the Scottish, British, European, Cowal and World Pipe Band Championships, the Shepherd Pipe Chanter has been played by the winning bands on every occasion, leaving its competitors products behind.

Precise measuring and highly skilled craftsmanship bears witness to the fact that every conceivable effort is made to ensure that each pipe chanter produced is of the highest standard.

RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd manufacture and supply both pipe chanters and practice chanters available in African Blackwood or Synthetic.

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