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Shepherd Bagpipes

Shepherd Bagpipes

From the new player to the gold medal soloist RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd cater for everyone.

A choice of 10 set-ups of Shepherd Bagpipes completely ready to play are available or if there’s something that little bit special you require then please contact us.

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All bagpipes produced at RT Shepherd & Son (Scotland) Ltd are made from premium quality African Blackwood which is stored for many months to mature and stabilise.

Many years experience of wood turning, boring and constant measuring ensure that our bagpipes are produced in a consistent fashion. All our workshop staff take a great personal pride in their workmanship and are continually reviewing and updating their already remarkable skills.

Every wood turner employed plays bagpipes and knows from experience that measurements must remain exact in the extreme in order to produce the sonorous drone sound that has become the trademark of Shepherd Bagpipes.

All our Bagpipes use a replica ivory, complete with graining effect which looks and feels exactly like the real thing, this has proved an excellent alternative to real ivory but without the huge cost inflicted on the elephant population of the world.

Our range of 10 different set-ups is available which when shipped or collected is  ready to pick up and play. Each set includes Shepherd Chanter and Reed, Shepherd Tone Enhancers and Shepherd SM90 Drone Reeds and the choice of either the Canmore® Pipe Bag or the Shepherd Regulator Pipe Bag.

We also offer within the range a choice of Ferrules, Ring Caps, Slides, Drone Cords and Bag Cover again designed to suit the needs of the individual player. A complete description of the 10 set-ups can be found in our online shop.

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